2017-10-01 GK Comments

All KoC 11098 Exec, Directors:
Per Allan’s memo, Thanks to Br Blair for the tracking of activities by our Brs. over the last 2 years. With this & other information, I have attached an up-dated Retention list with the added columns that reflect this activity and engagement in our council. This is namely Paid Status (2017), Service Pillar Involvement, Event lead as well Council exec positions.
What is noteworthy is that there are many paying Brs. who haven’t been active or in a fairly limited way. These would be our TARGETS to be more active, engaged and retain them as Brs. Again the trend is if they are not engaged over time then may leave.
Action: As suggested br Br. Paul and others, when you have an event / activity rplease each out to perhaps 3-5 of those who have been somewhat inactive and invite them to come out & join the event. IN some cases they may just need the invite. I’ve highlighted these Brs. IN BLUE.   See DOCUMENT on website: “Retention List Member…..xls”
We had a good Business meeting with the Budget finalized and other items as Hockey, approved & recommendation on other items as increasing McCluskey fund. Bingo is ready to go and we do have some actions / projects our council will lead at Manresa post Reid & I visit there. I will report on that separately. We also agreed we need to refresh / enhance our church foyer bulletin board.
I am not at the GM General Meeting Tuesday as I need to attend another. Tiago will be acting GK and Jason DGK. Besides the above , we will be moving forward with initial planning for the 25th with advisory input & presence of our PGK’.s, Jason and a few others.
Thanks for your continued support and have a good meeting

Additionally 2017-10-02


We needed 2 more positions for Guards. Last mo. we only had Mark. Elected & Accepted per the May minutes are:

Inside and Outside Guards –  Douglas Francis: A and E ; Mark Jakubiec: A and E. There is a need to fill 2 or more positions in the June’s general meeting in this group.

I have asked Simon Herrera and he has Accepted. I have also asked Richard DeMagry and he has tentatively accepted. (Richard will confirm tomorrow. He is 2nd degree but that is fine per PaulB. – plans to complete 3rd)

Dennis Lacey
Grand Knight Council 11098